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Make Your Mark

Posted on:
November 28, 2022

Mo. Betsy dug out the winning tickets after the 10:30 service on Consecration Sunday, November 20th.  Thank you to committee members Jannette Allen, Marianne Wright, Diana Schroeder, Val Williams, Mara Lague and Rosalyn Fleischer.  And Thank you to the Vestry and committee members who made the baskets possible:  Marti Farley, Carri and Al Grindon, Rosalyn Fleischer, Alan Ho, John Courie, David Woodley, Marianne Wright, Keith West, Anne Kelly, Tom Horner, Tracey Bush, Mara Lague, Jannette Allen and Val Williams.

Ready for Holiday Shopping: Maria Horner

Pizza Pastorale: Jill Bergeron

Trader Joe’s Fall Haul: Mara Lague

Disneyland Awaits: Trecia Simmonds

Ice Cream Dreams: Diane Carey-Schmitz

Get Your Burger On!: Tom Horner

Breville Barista Express: Michael Gill

Breville Smart Waffle Pro and Waffle Supplies: Joanne Morse


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