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Masking & Communion Update

Posted on:
February 23, 2023

Three Lents ago, our pandemic journey began, and all along the way we have taken great care as a community to keep one another safe. We’ve stayed at home and listened to Saint Mark’s On Air; gathered on Zoom to pray together; worshipped outdoors under the tent; and returned to our sanctuary wearing masks and keeping distance (remember the colored cards on the pews marking where and where not to sit?). When it felt safe to sit closer together, we kept our masks on, always with the most vulnerable among us in mind and heart.

With the support of our Vestry and our staff, and mindful of improving trends with Covid-19, we are making the following changes, effective this Sunday, February 26th, Lent 1:

  • Masks will be optional in worship and at other church gatherings. We encourage you to continue wearing them and will provide them at the door as needed. Occasional circumstances may necessitate wearing masks in small group settings.
  • We will offer wine at the Eucharist from the common cup, as is allowed under current diocesan guidelines. All are welcome to receive the wine, or to continue receiving only the bread, as we’ve been doing. The church’s understanding for centuries has been that the whole Christ is present in either the bread or the wine.

Thank you, Saint Mark’s, for your steadfastness in caring for one another through each phase of our long pandemic journey. Thank you for your faithfulness in worship in all its forms over these 3 years, and for everything you do to show the love of God by putting neighbor first.

A Healthy and Holy Lent to you,

Pastor Carri+


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