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Symbols of the Apostles

Posted on:
May 21, 2023

At the end of the reading from the Acts of the Apostles on the 7th Sunday of Easter (Acts 1:6-14), there's a list of the first apostles of Jesus. Here's a matching quiz to see if you can figure out their symbols; the answers are here. Most have more than one symbol associated with their name and ministry; see if you can learn about other symbols that go with each one!

___Peter                                  A.  3 purses

___James the Great               B.  Fish on a Bible

___John                                  C.  30 pieces of silver

___Judas                                D.  3 knives

___Bartholomew                    E.  Ship

___Andrew                             F.   Carpenter’s square

___Matthew                           G.  3 shells

___Thomas                             H.  Battle axe on Bible

___Philip                                 I.    Angled cross

___Jude, son of James         J.    Keys

___Matthias                           K.  Cup with snakes

___James, son of Alphaeus  L.  Loaves of bread

___Simon the Zealot             M. Saw


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